Children’s Day 2017

Children’s Day, a festive public holiday created in 1964 in Nigeria-as it was inspired by the United Nations children’s efforts-is marked on the 27th day of May each year. We then decided that the beloved children at Iberekodo would be treated special on a day dedicated to them and this is how it went..

First of all, the equipment were set up and PAU teachers, PAU students and the children started to arrive.

Party gathering 2

There was music and dancing, A LOT of dancing

The childrenPosing children

Dancing contest


and there were a lot of pictures.

There were even requested special group photos by the children taken.

The children-group photo

Games were played by the vsp members and students

and there were prizes awarded to the winners.

Gifts were shared to the children

and everyone went home happy.

Children group photo 2Group photoStudents group picture 2

It is a memory that will never be forgotten

and there’s always next year to relive the joyful moment.


Feel free to visit us again and get more wonderful pictures of wonderful children.

Our Regular Work

Here are pictures of what we do every Saturday in Iberekodo, be rest assured our Best Assurance school pictures are coming soon.

10th pick

The weather is hot, teaching is tough but we always smile through it all. P.S That is Mrs Nonye, our students affairs officer with the children


Our first day was on the 19th of November 2016 in the Iberekodo community hall. We met the children, divided them into different groups and showed them their “Aunties” and “Uncles” who were going to be their new tutors.